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Ministry Charity Projects

Helping the Helpers
Launch a Non-Profit

Do Your Dream…

Fulfill your ministry dream without the hassle of the complexity of startup and the compliances of never ending filings.

Get instant fiscal accountability and credibility under the umbrella of the Capstone Legacy Foundation.

…Don’t Drown in Complexity

You Change the World…

Our legal and accounting teams can keep you compliant, guiding the project through the complexity of non-profit law at the federal, state, and local levels.

Take baby steps with us as you launch or access the full services of Capstone to make your Ministry Charity Project start up a turnkey experience.

…We Do the Paperwork

Did You Know?

39 States and Counting Require You to File to Fundraise!

Join our Portfolio of Ministries

Did You Know?

The IRS estimates 105 Hours
to File Form 1023 Just to Start!

(Figure Hundreds more for State, Local, and Administration)

The Ministry Charity Project

Your Shortcut to Ministry Success

Tap into the margins of scale and experience the Capstone Legacy Foundation offers.

Like Aaron and Hur upheld Moses hands during the battle, Capstone can do the heavy lifting by handling the bulk of your accounting, payroll and filing requirements.

We can manage your pay flow, issue donor receipts, and accept illiquid gifts (and liquidate them to fund your efforts).

Our leadership and staff have decades of experience in non-profit management that will pass on to you.  Our institutional knowledge will short cut your learning curve and potentially save years of time and tens of thousands of dollars in expense.

We have solutions for problems you haven’t even considered yet – because we’ve been there before.

Did You Know?

We have solutions for problems you haven’t even considered yet – because we’ve been there before.

Decide Today, Start Tomorrow

The Plan and Process


Chat With An Expert

Call us at (610) 688-8890 to discuss your dream.

We’ll have a quick discussion of your vision to see if we are positioned to help (we probably are).

Then we’ll outline the practical steps to get started and become a success.


One Hour Application

Once we’ve had a discussion, time to decide!

The most important step is clarifying your vision and defining what success looks like.

Our application guides you through the process to think through the the practical steps to success.

Execute the Plan

Once we have clarity on both sides, we get to work.

Our board approves your vision, we set up accounts, establish your fund, and ultimately bring your efforts under the non-profit protections of Capstone.

You get to work.

Registered in all applicable States nationwide, Capstone is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting charitable wealth management services such as Donor Advised Funds, Ministry Charity Projects, Charitable Gift Annuities, Trusts and other Planned Giving options that provide opportunities to use your wealth to create a legacy.

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