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Donor Advised Funds

The Foundational Fund of Capstone

Donor Advised Funds act as a charitable savings account for individuals, families, businesses, and organizations allowing donors to receive an immediate tax deduction with the luxury of distributing gifts over time.  Avoid the complexities of running a private foundation while ensuring your donor intent is honored from generation to generation.

Explore the benefits below…

Did You Know?

The First Donor Advised Fund was Launched in 1931

Flexible Funds

The Beginning of the Benefits

Tax Deduction

This foundational charitable fund gives an immediate tax deduction on contributions from individuals, families businesses, and/or organizations.

By donating cash to reduce taxable profits or even donating an interest in asset you will seek to liquidate, you will offset capital gains and redirect your tax dollars to the charity of your choice.

Take the tax deduction today with the luxury of distributing your charity over time.


In our polarized world, donating to a noble cause of today can turn you into the victim of public social media scorn tomorrow.

Your general contributions to a Capstone donor advised fund are publicly known but who you advise to receive a grant is not.

Capstone distributes gifts to a wide portfolio of causes shielding our donors from direct connection to any specific cause, no matter how controversial.


Give now, choose later.

Take the tax deduction now and have the luxury to carefully decide distribution later without any distribution regulations as seen with a family foundation.

Capstone is a fully 501(c)(3) non-profit organization so your investment in the Kingdom now is fully deductible as allowed by law.  Give now, distribute tomorrow, or over the decades to come.

Registered in all applicable States nationwide, Capstone is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting charitable wealth management services such as Donor Advised Funds, Ministry Charity Projects, Charitable Gift Annuities, Trusts and other Planned Giving options that provide opportunities to use your wealth to create a legacy.

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